Wastewater Solutions

Containerized solutions are cost effective treatment option. They are suitable for small and distant communities. They can be used also as reserve when the main plant is out of use, for example due to maintenance.

Solutions for special needs

ARTASFin Oy delivers advanced wastewater treatment technologies. With them, high removal efficiencies can be achieved, whether the issue is nitrogen removal, effluent polishing or effluent hygienisation.

Solutions can be offered for new treatment plants or the ones that need renovation or improvement of treatment efficiency.

Process solutions for wastewater

ARTASFin Oy can offer biofilm carrier processes for efficient and compact wastewater treatment plant. State-of-the-art membrane bioreactors (MBR) can also achieve high level of nitrogen removal together with superior particle removal. For suspended solids removal and additional phosphorus reduction, efficient but low energy solution is disc filter. We can also offer UV-disinfection for plants, that discharge their effluents to water courses that are used for recreational activities.

Container solutions for wastewater

Artasfin can offer containerized wastewater treatment units to remote locations, where building long transfer sewers is not economical.

Packaged wastewater treatment plant ARPAK

Arpak is a compact biological treatment plant for small communities. It is based on well known activated sludge process. The Main components are aeration tank, lamella sedimentation and aerobic sludge stabilization. It is prefabricated in container and easy and fast to install on location.

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Our Customers

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