Producing methane from organic waste is today’s sustainable waste handling. Waste fractions suitable for biogas production includes food waste, sewage sludge and manure. Specialized bacterial populations break down organic material under anaerobic conditions. The end product is carbon dioxide and methane, which can be used as fuel. Residual solid material can be used for soil improvement or fertilizer.

Solutions for multiple needs

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Solutions for Bio-Energy

We can offer containerized biogas plant for smaller needs. We can also deliver components to large scale biogas plants. Sometimes, for example in case of landfill gases, the methane is contaminated by hydrogen sulphide, which is highly corrosive gas and needs to be removed before the methane can be utilized as fuel. ARTASFin Oy can offer, for example, biological sulphur removal systems.

Desulphurization of biogas

Hydrogen sulphide is a common problem in biogas collected from landfills. Hydrogen sulphide is corrosive and has to be removed before further utilization of biogas. ARTASFin can deliver different methods depending on amount of biogas and its composition.

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