Water Treatment Solutions

Each production process in industries requires different water quality. The treatment method is determined according to the raw water source and usage purpose with Artas expertise.

Solutions for special needs

Artasfin delivers membrane based water treatment technologies for potable water and industrial process water treatment. Ultrafiltration membranes are designed to remove particles and turbidity from source water. With use of coagulants, also humic materials and colour can be removed. Reverse osmosis is used for producing drinking water from saline source water or for preparing pure water for industrial processes.

Process solutions for water treatment

Artasfin can offer water treatment options for large scale production. The membrane processes can be skid mounted, which makes installation work on location faster and easier.


Reverse osmosis (RO) is used both for producing potable water from saline source water and process water for industry.

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Container solutions for pure water

Containerized solutions are cost effective treatment option. They are suitable for small and distant communities. They can be used also as reserve when the main plant is out of use, for example due to maintenance.

Our Customers

Let us represent You some interesting projects and success stiroes ARTASFin has taken part in.
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