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ArtasFin Oy is a Finnish daughter company of ARTAS Group and it is founded in 2015. ArtasFin Oy markets and delivers environmental technology and expertise of parent company ARTAS and its partners. The designs are made with Nordic climate and special environmental demands in mind. Cold climate and strict effluent limits are challenging especially for biological treatment processes. ARTAS has delivered MBR pilot plants to Vihti Water and Technical University of Lappeenranta. They have been used in Nummela and Mikkeli wastewater treatment plants to test the MBR process. ARTASFin Oy was then established to further promote the ARTAS expertise in Finland. The product range of ARTASFin Oy is continuously expanding through co-operation with well-known process suppliers.


ARTAS is a family owned company founded in 1982 and located in Istanbul. During the years, it has grown to be a major environmental technology company in Turkey and adjacent region. The company has 120 employees. In addition to constructing large scale treatment plants, ARTAS manufactures containerized treatment plants in its factory.

Besides municipal treatment plants, ARTAS has designed and constructed water and wastewater treatment plants for industrial customers, including energy, textile, car, and food industries. Since every factory is different, each plant needs to be specifically designed for the needs of the customer.

The delivered processes include all kind of water and wastewater treatment processes, from conventional activated sludge plant to reverse osmosis and production of ultrapure water. The product range includes also desulphurization of biogas and flue gas treatment. ARTAS offers also solutions for production of bioenergy from organic waste.