Scrubbers designed by ARTAS allow the release of treated waste gases, which are produced in boilers and solid waste incineration plants, to the atmosphere in accordance with the air pollution control regulations.

Solutions for multiple needs

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Solutions for flue gas treatment

Waste gases are treated with up to 99% efficiency with affordable units having small footprints and easy maintenance. According to the characteristics of the waste gas and the available area and energy requirement, horizontal or vertical flow scrubbers are chosen. All scrubbers and necessary equipment and instruments are built with corrosion resistant and durable materials. As ARTASFin Oy, we are implementing whole package system solutions for scrubbers, and energy recovery facilities for flue gas.

ARTASFIn Oy has a product range called ARDES, which can be designed according to customer needs.

Flue gas treatment ARDES

Waste gas scrubbers are based on washing the waste gas by water or washing liquid. The pollutants are transferred from gas phase into liquid phase. The units are delivered complete with scrubber unit, chemical dosing, instrumentation and automated control unit.

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